Snack Bar

The Rex II Theater offers a full menu at our Snack Bar. In addition to classic movie snacks like delicious popcorn, candy and fountain drinks, the Rex II serves several hot food items including nachos, pretzels, and personal pizzas. Don't worry about missing the movie waiting for your food to cook...we'll deliver it to you!


Classic Movie Snacks


$3.00 Small, 24 oz.

$4.00 Medium, 46 oz.

$5.00 Large, 85 oz.

Fountain Drinks

$3.00 Small, 16 oz.

$4.00 Medium, 24 oz.

$5.00 Large, 32 oz.

$1.50 Candy

$2.50 King-Size Candy

Movie Meal

$7.00  Small Drink, Small Popcorn, Small Candy

Hot Foods

$4.00 Nachos

$4.50 Nachos with Chili

$6.00 Super Nachos

(Taco meat, nacho cheese, sour cream and salsa. Peppers and onions on request.

Add Guacamole for $1.00)

$4.50 Frito Chili Pie

$3.50 Pretzel

$4.00 Pretzel with Cheese (or Mustard)

$5.00 Specialty Pretzel (Italian, Cinnamon Spice)

(On Request: onions & relish)

50¢ Extra Cheese, Chili, Peppers

Other Snacks

$1.00  Chips

$2.00  Pickles

Other Drinks
$1.00  Cup of Water

$2.00  Bottled Water

$1.50  Small Hot Drink

$3.00  Large Hot Drink

(Hot Drinks: Coffee, Hot Tea, Hot Chocolate)

Prices effective 12/31/21