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​​​A deposit of half the minimum amount is due at booking. Deposits are refundable for cancellations that occur more than 48 hours before the booked rental. Cancellations within 48 hours of the booked rental time and no-shows result in a forfeit the deposit.  Final payment is due the time of the booked event.

For group bookings, a final attendance number must be called in at least 24 hours before showtime. We don't expect this tally to be 100% accurate, but please try to give us a good estimate so we can properly prepare.

We do not allow outside food and drink in the theater. You are welcome to bring a cake or cupcakes, but we don't allow other outside food/drinks.  Please DO NOT BRING HELIUM BALLOONS to your party.

Rental times are flat. If you need extra time to set-up or tear-down, you can add more time. Just let us know ahead of time and we'll include that in your price quote.

Party (Saturday & Sunday only*)

Parties for our current show are booked for the matinee shows (first shows on Saturday and Sunday) only. Times for the party will depend on the start time of the movie. Parties need to be completely cleared from the theater at least 45 minutes before the movie begins.

Rental Fee = $200 minimum (pays for 10 people, $13 per person for additional people)

     1.5 hour theater rental (auditorium area only)

     1 Ticket per person for up to 10 people

     1 Movie Meal per person for up to 10 people (Small drink, Small Popcorn, Candy)

     Reserved Seating


*If you'd like to have a party before a different showtime, please contact us. We may be able to accommodate parties before the first showtime on Wednesday - Friday. For parties on Monday, Tuesday, or outside a regular showtime...Theater Rental Rates would apply.)

Theater Rental (Current Movie)

The theater cannot be rented during regular showtimes.

$250 minimum**

     Private Showing of the current movie for up to 50 people ($6 per person for additional tickets).


**If your group has less than 50 people, please go ahead and contact us. We will look into other booking options. We may be able to combine multiple small groups to reach the minimum. Extra fees may apply for additional time above the allotted time for the movie.

Theater Rental (Private Showing)

If you'd like to book a private showing during one of our regular showtimes, you must buy out the entire theater (101 seats at $6 each.)

Theater Rental (Facilities Only)

Facilities Rental Fee: $150 Flat Rate Rental (up to 50 people) for up to 2 hours

                                   $50 for each additional hour

                                   $50 extra for groups of 51 or more

Theater Rental (You Provide the Entertainment)

Facilities Rental Fee: $150 Flat Rate Rental (up to 50 people) for up to 2 hours
                                   $50 for each additional hour
                                   $50 extra for groups of 51 or more

Movie Booking Fee: $150-$300***

***If you plan to view any copyrighted material, a booking fee will apply. We have to obtain the rights to show the movie. The final fee will depend on the movie. Some studios do not allow their movies to be shown. WE WILL NEED AT LEAST TWO WEEKS TO SECURE BOOKING RIGHTS FOR MOVIES.

The Rex II can accommodate DVDs & BluRay. We can also hook up other sources through an HDMI cable. Contact us via the contact form for options.

Theater Rental - Snack Bar Option

We are more than happy to open the Snack Bar for popcorn, candy and drinks.

If you'd like hot food (pizza, pretzels, chili and cheese), we may ask you to provide your orders ahead of time to help us prepare.  Please let us know at least 48 hours before you arrive if you'd like the Snack Bar open, and if you'd like hot food available.

Rental Rates effective 2/28/2023

The Rex II Theater is available to rent for special bookings and parties. You can find our rates below. Please fill out the Request Booking form (to the right) and let us know how we can help you.  We will do our best to accommodate you, but requests may be restricted to available movies and show times.

Theater Rental

Rental and Party Rates